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Water Pumps and Service

Quality Water Pumps Send Water Throughout Your Property

Trust Natcher Well Drilling Inc. for the most exceptional water pumps and services. Did you recently decide that a new water well system was perfect for your home or business? Did you have that new system installed? No matter what your situation, you need quality water pumps and service. Water pumps ensure that you get the water from your well. It helps your water travel throughout your house or business. 

When you do not have the proper well pump installed, your water goes nowhere. The same goes for having a quality contractor for servicing your system. These are crucial for optimal water pump performance. Do you know what systems are most common? What about proper maintenance? Let’s take a closer look at your options for installation, replacement, and repair work.

What are the most common models of water pumps on the market?

There are two types of water pumps that get used in homes and businesses on the market. They include submersibles and jets. What is best for your property depends on the land you have available. It also depends on the characteristics of the building. Jet technology is older and has many of the common traits today’s manual systems do. Submersible pumps are generally stored underground. Remember, there is no one size fits all solution for your water pump needs. Each of these systems have their way of getting you the water you need. Ask your contractor about the difference between each system. Here’s a closer look at jet and submersible pumps.

What Makes a Jet water pump system an excellent choice?

There are two different types of jet water wells with two different motors. They include both shallow and deep wells. Shallow wells measure around 25 feet or less. They get produced with cheaper materials like thermoplastics. Deep well can go about 150 feet with higher quality materials including cast iron. Jet pumps come in older styles and deliver a smaller volume of water and pressure. You should make note that you will need to prime these systems. That is not necessary for a submersible pump which self-primes.

Why is a submersible water pump system sometimes the better fit?

Submersible pumps use less energy in total horsepower. A lot of those systems need more pipe installation. That means greater installation costs for you. Submersible pumps are generally made in cast iron and stainless-steel materials. You may have similar criteria for replacement as a jet system. But similar sizes are more expensive. Submersible pumps have a record as being more dependable and less noisy. Submersible pumps also offer a greater volume of water and pressure than jet pumps. Your installation and repair costs depend on your well size, construction materials and motor size.

Are there other suitable water well pump options on the market?

There are two other options on the market. They include solar powered and hand well pumps. Solar pumps last longer, and usually come in a stainless-steel model. Higher end models can work at several depths. Hand pumps come in plastic, cast and stainless builds. Plastic, and shallow pumps are most affordable in price. Hand pumps are usually more demanding from a physical standpoint. But they are great in all weather and utility situations.

What should I look for when it comes to repairs and replacement?

You may think that a breakdown in your well pump is a sign you need a replacement. But you might need a simple repair. What you need depends on a variety of factors. Are you dealing with an egg smell in your system? What about a spitting faucet? Are you dealing with low water pressure or clicking sounds? Are your utility bills coming in at higher than normal? Those are signs your water pump system needs either repaired or replaced altogether.

Understand the Reasons Why Your Water Pump Broke Down

There are several reasons why your water pump broke down. Some of the most common include water quality, weather, dry well, wrong size tank, and regular wear and tear. You could do the repair or replacement work on your own. But you should only do it if you have the proper training for these situations. If not, it is better that you hire a qualified skilled water contractor for the job you need done. Do you want to learn more about well pump service and replacement? Are you not sure how much these projects cost? Home Advisor offers phenomenal resources for helping you keep your water pump running at peak performance. Remember, break down means you need a replacement, you might just need a repair.

Natcher Well Drilling Inc. for Quality Water Pumps and Service

When you want the best water pumps and service, count on Natcher Well Drilling Inc. in Ebensburg, PA. Our experts know what it takes for proper water pump installation and service. We offer the best quality of both jet and submersible water pumps with best installation, repair, and replacement services. When you are ready for the Natcher Well Drilling, Inc. difference, give us a call. Our team is available 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. We are here helping our community with their water well enhancement needs. Find out why our friends and neighbors trust us with their water pump installation, repair, and replacement needs.

For more information on water pumps and services, give Natcher Well Drilling Inc., a call at (814) 472-6366. Our contractors are ready for your water pump installation and service needs. We are happy to discuss more about water pumps and services.