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Water Well Cleaning

You need quality well cleaning for the best quality water

Are you looking for water well cleaning? If so, call Natcher Well Drilling. You recently installed a brand-new water well in your home. That is great. Now, what about the times when problems come to light? Like everything else in life, you need to complete routine maintenance and testing on your water well. There are risks associated at any time with any product in life. While you may believe that your water well is fine, there could be signs of trouble. This emphasizes the importance of proper well cleaning. When your well is maintained, you keep the best water quality possible.

There are several variables you need to keep an eye on

Deciding if you need to clean your well depends on what problems are inside. It is important to test for several variables that may impact your water quality. Your wells should get inspected and tested every year to remove contaminants. Perform testing for mechanical problems, cleanliness, and contaminants. You should also keep an eye on potential mechanical issues with you well. These could all impact your property’s water quality at any time and could get found through testing.

Testing your water from time to time can help prevent serious illness

Perform water well testing more than once per year if you are dealing with health issues. Generally, they will be constant gastrointestinal in nature. The same goes for anyone else who occupies your building. You should do testing for hazardous materials that could make their way. Items that could get in your water include paint, fertilizer, pesticides, and motor oil. These should always stay away from your well. If you want more information, check out the Centers for Disease Control website.

Keep Your Wells in Tip-Top Shape

Disinfecting your wells can help keep harmful bacteria and virus level. This helps keep both of them as low as possible. That can also control bacteria that will not be as difficult on your health. Those include poor taste and odors. You should clean your well out after the following scenarios happen:

  • Following a Casing or Pump Repair
  • Following a taste or odor change
  • Once You Complete a Plumbing Installation
  • When Coliform Bacteria is visible in the Water
  • When Completing Annual Maintenance or During Startup of Seasonal Wells
  • When the Well is Currently Flooded

What is the proper method for well cleaning?

If you will be doing the work yourself, make sure you follow these steps for proper well cleaning. These are critical for getting the job done right while also ensuring your safety:

  • Isolate Important Areas
  • Electrical Safety
  • Take Off Your Well Cap
  • Mix Chlorine Fix
  • Add the chlorine to the Well
  • Rework Your Chlorinated Water
  • Get Chlorine in Each of Your Faucets
  • Take Out Chlorinated Water

Do you need more information on well cleaning or testing? Are you looking for more information on testing? Check out the following article from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Make Sure You Are Exercising Caution When You Are Cleaning Your Well

If you are not sure what you are doing, make sure you consult with a professional water well contractor. There are several safety hazards involved in the process. Those include electrical, chemical, and respiratory. These can pose serious dangers to your health and quality of life over the long term.

You will need to turn off all power to your pump before you remove the well cap. When the power is off, you should check for damage to the wire insulation. Make sure you are also wearing waterproof and rubber-soled shoes or boots. Ensure chlorine or other chemicals are treating your water. Do not allow bleach jugs in the presences of kids, and always wear protective goggles. Never enter a well pit. They are an extreme hazard, even entering the shallowest pit can result in death.

When in doubt, always trust a qualified trained contractor for the work

Never be afraid of hiring a contractor who can get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. When you place trust in a qualified trained contractor, it ensures the job gets done right. It is tempting to want to save the money by doing the job yourself from testing to cleaning. But, at what point is that a larger problem for not only your water supply, but also you? You could be placing yourself in danger for serious injuries or even death. When you choose a contractor, you know that the job will get done right and in a safe manner.

Natcher Well Drilling Inc. Provides the Most Thorough Well Cleaning

When you are looking for a contractor to keep your wells cleaned, call on Natcher Well Drilling Inc. Our experts know the challenges that testing, and cleaning wells presents. We offer the best quality well cleaning services in the area. When you are ready for the Natcher Well Drilling, Inc. difference, give us a call. Our team is available 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. We are here helping our community with their well drilling project needs.

For more information on water well cleaning, give Natcher Well Drilling Inc., a call at (814) 472-6366. Our contractors take great pride in serving our customers in the best way possible. We pride ourselves on training our contractors to handle every situation. Our contractors are happy to discuss more about water well cleaning.