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We Offer Premium Water Well Drilling

Safe and Proper Water Well Drilling Keeps Your Water Quality High

For high-quality water well drilling, contact Natcher Well Drilling Inc. Water serves several purposes for us in our daily lives. It is important for providing the water we drink and daily showers. We also use it for cleaning our homes, property, and more. It’s also used for keeping our homes and businesses powered up. Some of the time, that water comes from a well. There are a variety of factors, though, that goes into proper installation of the system. Many steps go into the construction of the wells and proper maintenance.

What Goes into the Water Drilling Construction Process?

There are several steps that go into the construction process. We must consider depth and width, the building materials, and resources available. Those are critical for proper water well drilling construction. When you are constructing a well, you need five parts along with the natural resources on a property. You need the following items for your water well:

  • Electrical Supply
  • Gravel Screen
  • Pressure Tank
  • Submersible Pump
  • Well Casing

These components are critical for getting water out of the groundwater aquifer. They are dug as deep as 1,000 feet into the ground. Concrete or clay sealants are a crucial part of the construction process. That helps protect the water from particles that could contaminate it. The water will travel through a pump and the system itself protected above the ground. That will lead it to your pipes connected to your pressure tank.

Helping Keep Your Water from Getting Contaminated

You need to consider each environmental factor for your water drilling construction project. But you must find a way to control any possible contaminants. Your pump needs sealed off from the outside particles that could impact your water quality and health. Bacteria, dirt, insects, and other life forms can mess with your water quality and can negatively impact you.

The effects may not be as evident in your showers or when doing laundry. But that does not mean you are out of trouble when it comes to drinking it or when cooking. Make sure after you install your new well to test it from time to time. The same goes if you already have a well on your property.

Make Sure You Have the Right Person Testing Your Water Well

State and local health or environmental departments test for several contaminants. Experts recommend that you test your well at least once per year for any potential dangers. They will look at several variables when determining the safety of your water. Here are some of the components that help determine your water quality:

Water Quality Indications

  • Fecal Bacteria/E. Coli Presence
  • pH Levels
  • Total Bacteria

Potential Contamination

  • Nitrates
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

When constructing your water well, consider a plan to keep it safe. By hiring an expert, you have the peace of mind needed for the job. They will know how you can prevent potential contaminants from getting into your well. The Centers for Disease Control offers tremendous resources for you to consider when completing a drilling project. Click on the link to learn more about making sure your property gets the cleanest water possible.

Proper and Safe Well Drilling is the First Step for Quality Water

It is important that you have someone that understands what the law allows for your construction project. Certain building codes need followed for your water well drilling project. You should also be on the same page with a contractor that can work with what you want.

Not knowing these regulations can create far more trouble in the future. Trust a contractor because they know the tools you need for a well finished project. Make sure you have someone who can do the work in safe and efficient manner. That ensures your work gets done right the first time.

Remember, We All Need Safe and Clean Water Everyday

Water plays a huge role in our ability to live our lives. Proper well drilling is an important first step in getting water into your building. Bacteria of any kind can harm your water quality. That is why it is important for someone who has great attention to detail to get the work done. If you are not careful, that means you could have health issues later in life.

Contact Natcher Well Drilling Inc. for Quality Well Drilling

Our team is ready for your drilling project. We know what you need for proper construction and maintenance of your wells. Our team offers the best drilling resources. When you are ready for the Natcher Well Drilling, Inc. difference, give us a call. Our team is available 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. We are here to help our community with their well drilling project needs.

For more information on water well drilling, give Natcher Well Drilling Inc., a call at (814) 472-6366. We are happy to discuss more about water well drilling.